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Market Report 2nd February 2022

Yarding 1216

Clint Endersby from Prostock Livestock reports on this weeks market.

This weeks market was a good quality yarding and was firm on our last market 2 weeks ago.

Trade Steers ranged from $4.40/kg to $4.60kg and Feeder Steers ranged $5.40/kg to $5.60/kg.

Backgrounder Steers 300-400kg ranged to $5.80/kg. with lighter steers tradin $6.00/kg to $6.40/kg.

Trade Heifers ranged $4.30/kg to $4.40/kg with Feeder heifers ranging $5.00/kg to $5.60/kg.

Heifers under 300kg ranged $6.00/kg to $6.40/kg.

Heavy bulls achieved $3.00/kg to $3.20/kg with little bulls for the paddock ranging $3.50/kg to $4.50/kg

Best of the Cows ranged to $3.70/kg with most Cows ranging $3.40/kg to $3.50/kg.

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