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Market Report 19th January 2020

Market Report 19th January 2020

Market Report 19th January 2022

Yarding 750

Clint Endersby from Prostock Livestock reports on this weeks market.

This weeks market was dominated by young cattle and feeder stock due to the abattoir situation.

Trade Steers firmed week ranging to $4.40/kg to $5.00kg.

Feeder Steers under 500kg ranged to $5.60/kg.

Backgrounder Steers 300-400kg ranged to $6.20/kg. with lighter steers around the 6-7 dollar mark.

Trade Heifers were very few to report on but ranged to $4.20/kg with Feeder heifers ranging $4.90/kg to $5.50/kg.

Backgrounder Heifers ranged $5.50/kg to $6.50/kg with under 200kg just over $7.00/kg.

about 5 heavy bulls achieved $3/kg with little bulls for the paddock ranging $4.50/kg to $5.50/kg

Best of the Cows ranged to $3.50/kg with most Cows ranging $3.30/kg to $3.40/kg.

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