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Market Report 23rd June 2021

Market Report 23rd June 2021

Market Report 23rd June 2021

Yarding 502

Danny Reynolds from Elders Rural Services reports on todays market. Generally maintained prices today with no signs of falling soon.

The highlight of today was the Scottish Highland cattle which generated a lot of interest from Southern Livestock Exchanges Facebook followers.

Export steers ranged from $3.00 to $3.90/kg. with heifers generally around $3.30/kg

Trade steers averaged $4.60/kg and heifers were $4.45.

Store Steers ranged from $5.20/kg to $6.00/kg.

Feeders Steers ranaged from $4.90/kg to $5.05/kg with heifers from $4.20/kg to $4.75/kg.

Choice Vealers were from $4.75/kg to $5.35/kg

Bulls ranged from $2.90/kg to $3.25/kg and cows $3.00 to $3.25/kg.

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