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Mount Compass Market Report 01 August 2018

Mount Compass Market Report 01 August 2018

Mount Compass Market Report

Yarding: 1150

There was a yarding of good quality cattle offered by agents.

All of the usual buyers were in attendance and bidding was subdued on most classes of cattle offered.

Heavyweight bulls were scarce and processors were keen to secure numbers and prices defied the sale trend. Values lifted and they sold from 215c to 220c/kg, lightweights sold to similar demand and returned 200c to 260c.

Cow numbers were similar to last week and heavyweight beef breed cows eased 10 to 15c, they sold from 190c to 220c, lightweights sold from 110 to 180c and dairy bred cows returned vendors up to 200/kg.

Heavyweight steers and bullocks were scarce and export demand eased, they sold from 240 to 265c. Grown heifers followed suit and sold from 209 to 249c.

Few vealers were yarded, trade buyers were very keen to secure any prime lots, bidding was brisk, prices remained firm on strong recent sales and vendors were rewarded with prices from 265 to 310c for steers and 255 to 320c for heifers.

Prime yearlings were fewer, trade and processor buyer’s bidding was only solid. Steers sold from 280 to 305c and heifers returned 225 to 275c.

A good run of, generally well bred, store condition, lightweight cattle sold to very quiet bidding from feeders and restockers at rates 15 to 20c beneath last week’s sale. Feedlotters were conspicuously quiet and restockers were subdued with dry conditions throughout the state halting opportunities to a large extent. Store steers and heifers returned vendors 200 to 280c/kg liveweight.


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