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Prostock Services

Livestock Sales

Our Cattle Markets are held every Wednesday (except Public Holidays and during the Christmas Period) at 43 Saleyard Road Mount Compass, starting at 9am.

We also sell livestock on farm and through AuctionsPlus. We will help you achieve the best price for your livestock by choosing the right market to use.

To book your cattle into the market call the office on 08 8556 8593, use our online booking form or contact one of our agents in your area.

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One of our agents can come to your property for an on site farm visit to value your cattle and offer advice.


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Herd Advice

If your new to the livestock industry, no need to worry…. We can help you with your livestock needs


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Livestock Search

Need help finding suitable livestock?

Here are some basic details we will need to help you:

+ Location of property

+ Size of property

+ How much you are wanting to spend

+ How many

+ Breed preference if you have one

+ What you are hoping to achieve e.g sell, own use for meat

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Wool Sales & Grading

All your Wool buying and grading can be done through Prostock Livestock.

Talk to Heidi about the best way to sell your wool and what the markets are saying.


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Pasture Management

Need help with when to spray, rotational grazing plans ,soil tests. We can provide not only our decades of experience but we have an extensive network of experts that we can link you with.

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Need help with your documentation.

Our guide will walk you through it, or you can contact us and we will help you with the forms that are required.


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